What IS Your Online Business? Part #2: ACTION!

April 20, 2014 in April 2014, Tools & Resources, Tutorials

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So, Part #1 of this mini-series elaborated on the inspiration behind starting to approach work and income in a new way . If you didn’t quite get it, the idea being to work towards building an asset (or multiple assets, preferably!) that continues to make you money on an ongoing basis once it’s set up and left alone. Meaning working less in the long term and spending your time doing the things you enjoy – simples. 

So, having covered the ‘why’ behind setting up an online business, I thought I’d explain very loosely how it all works in terms of the ‘how’ the money is made. The point being – much like property investment that Robert Kiyosaki talks about – once you’ve learnt the skills, put in the work and set everything up correctly, an online business can primarily be run on automated systems with minimal work involved.

Learn more about how the SFM can teach you how to do this HERE.

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