Weekly WHY: Global Friendships!

February 13, 2015 in February 2015, Weekly WHY

By far the best thing about an online business is geographical freedom. Closely followed by time freedom.

The two combined mean I can spend time going to visit all the great friends I made around the world during my time travelling and living overseas.

I found I had an instant connection with the friends I made at that time in my life and at any time I’ve found myself travelling. Maybe it’s something to do with shared views on lifestyle or the fact we’re just giving off a more relaxed and friendly energy when we’re enjoying ourselves and in a happy place!

Whatever it is or was, I seemed to have a feeling when I met those people, that some of them would be friends for life.

Going back for a holiday on one of the cruise ships I used to work on was so much fun. And a great way to catch up with some of those friends I made from my time on board.

The time and geographical freedom of having an income online, is giving me the opportunity to go and visit those people more often and nurture those relationships.

It was such a fun week!

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