Weekly WHY: Be PASSIONATE about work

April 6, 2015 in Weekly WHY

So after a lovely long Easter weekend off, I realised I have spent every spare hour over the last 4days (when not at the pub or with family and friends), working on my business.

Whereas tomorrow will be another 9hours at the office dragging my way through the day with little enthusiasm to make ‘just’ enough money to pay my bills.

The difference? PASSION!

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Don’t you wish you looked forward to work every day? Rather than just turning up and clock watching, waiting for your day to finish?

Since I started this business for myself, I jump out of bed in the morning to cram in what I can before work. I then jump back in the car from work and am literally excited to get to my laptop for the rest of the evening – knowing what it can produce!

Granted, not every task I work on online is riveting (some of it really isn’t!). But it’s somehow a lot easier to complete even the more boring stuff when it’s for your own benefit and not someone else’s.

And knowing that this system gives me the ability to make more money in less hours than the average job, is definitely something to be passionate about!

Doesn’t that excite you?

You always knew there was SURELY a better way to make a living than slaving away at someone else’s dream, right?

Well, there’s a reason you stumbled across this blog and happen to be reading this.

There IS A better way. You CAN look forward to work every day. And less of it!

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