The 3 ‘B’s of an Online Business

July 29, 2014 in 30day Elite Members Challenge, July 2014

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I was told a while ago there’s really only three things to remember to prioritise when promoting an offer in any market as an affiliate running your own online business.

The ‘3 Bs’ of an online business

Quite simply…

  1. BUILD
  2. BLOG

We are all told this repeatedly from Day 1 of our training.

So, WHY don’t we do it then?!

Because generally speaking, it’s too much like hard work.

“I just don’t have time…” Really? Are you sure?!

Spending hours on end watching box sets of TV on board in the crew mess between shifts… What I would give to have that kind of spare time now to work on my business!

I used to say that. Then I was talking to someone the other day about how I watched all 5 seasons of Breaking Bad in two weeks while working on my last boat. Kind of kicking myself now that I didn’t put those hours into getting this up and running so as to avoid the dreaded return to a ‘normal’ job now! But that’s another story.

This is the beauty of this challenge and the mentoring from Stuart – getting us in to habits, learn it and why it’s necessary, put some love in to mastering it. You can always outsource it further down the line when you’re making the money. More on that later.

But to someone who has never even heard of making money from online marketing, what do each of these mean?

B is for ‘BUILD’ your list… 

…of subscribers.

Which means: generate leads (people who have subscribed to receive your emails) via your marketing, whether it be ‘free’ or paid. The latter usually being a little more effective in terms of time freedom but there are plenty of ways of generating leads and traffic online without paying. You’ll just have to be prepared to sacrifice time instead. NOTHING in business (or life) is truly ‘free’ – let’s just get that concept drilled home now shall we?!

B is for ‘BLOG’…

…about the things YOU are passionate about. You’re setting up this business so you can do/have more of whatever those things are.

Which means: produce content relevant to the product in order to provide value to the reader/viewer in terms of further information. Your own experience, how it’s helped you and how it can do the same for them. This will be easy if you have done the first bit right and targeted the right people. People like you. More on THAT later, too!

Del Boy Trotter's guide to how NOT to communicate with your potential customer: "Oh, don't give me that, you lying old git! I know you're all right for a few bob, and I want to know where it is hidden..."

Del Boy Trotter’s guide to how NOT to communicate with your subscribers: “Oh, don’t give me that, you lying old git! I know you’re all right for a few bob, and I want to know where it is hidden…”

B is for ‘BROADCAST’…

… send an email to your subscribers.

Which means: you can notify them of the new material on your blog and build your relationship with them. Invite them to connect and communicate with them. Let them know you are a real person working hard to try and help them!

Not some desperate, automated sales machine sending them endless advertising or, as we like to call it in our community, “BUY MY SHIT”, emails. And if you are going for the hard sell, at least have a bit of charm and humour about you…

So there you have it. All pretty simple right? Nothing particularly technical or complex. And if you still think you can’t do it, you have an entire community of people in various time zones ready to jump in and help you with even the most menial of tasks if you’re struggling. Not to mention the plethora of training webinars – both live and recorded – at your disposal in your back office.

And guess what? IT WORKS. Like everyone, I was bursting out of the gates in my first couple of months and was doing this properly. In month 4, I started making those big fat chunks of money!

I will be sure to let you know when that pattern emerges again as a result of getting back in to the swing of following these simple instructions ;)

Can you follow the ‘3 B’ process?

Want to give it a go?

Absolutely everything you need to get up and running is waiting for you in the back office.

Submit your application today, get access to your training and get your blog on!

Let me know what you think - it's ok, I can take it...

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