Out drinking with friends (and still making money!)

August 9, 2014 in August 2014

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A very quick post today as I may or may not have a bit of a fuzzy head this morning… oops.

I wasn’t planning on going out for Friday night ‘after work drinks’ last night due to being on a bit of a tight budget until pay day this month. (Sound familiar?!)

But I recently joined a new team and they’re a lot of fun. So I figured I should make the effort.

While I was out, this happened… And I remembered AGAIN why I am building this business.

(Yes, I may have had a few drinks in this video! Whatever! Then I tried with one eye open for 20mins when I got home to figure out how to rotate this the right way round on youtube and gave up. Please turn your head sideways instead!)

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If your financial circumstances or schedule are preventing you from spending time with the people you love and having fun, maybe it’s time to start thinking about other methods of making money?

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