Meet ‘Millionaire Maker’ Jay Kubassek

August 10, 2014 in August 2014, Mindset

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It’s been an exciting week!

Our 30-Day Challengers are almost half way along and have been seeing some great results but more importantly, we had our monthly Founders Call with Stuart and Jay updating us on some of the new features coming to our system and training. I don’t think these guys sleep.

I had a quick chat with Jay on Facebook afterwards and he has agreed to give us an hour of his Monday to join our New Generation hangout TOMORROW. And YOU’RE INVITED! You can watch our live stream right here on the website and post any questions you have for him.

And it will cost you NOTHING.

Just tune in HERE at 8.30pm UK time / 3.30pm EDT / 5.30am AEST

(early one for the Aussies, sorry!)

If you don’t know much about Jay, check out the video below to learn more. This guy has packed so much in to his life already…

Meet Jay Kubassek:


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