Making the necessary sacrifices

July 28, 2014 in 30day Elite Members Challenge, July 2014, Motivation

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I’ll be the first to admit I’ve not given my business the attention it deserves recently.

No excuses other than thinking I have “too much else going on”. When in truth, it’s really just a case of needing to man up and make time for everything else whilst putting the business FIRST.

That said, even though I’ve not been marketing much recently, one thing I will NOT miss are the Elite calls with Stuart and Jay when they’re being broadcast live. Even if I am in Sweden for a family wedding… The training and value is just too good to miss.

Getting more productive seems to be a challenge for so many of our community so Stuart has thrown down the gauntlet.

This one was well worth tuning in for and the bar has been set for the next 30days.

(as I am putting this post together, I realise I have AGAIN screwed up and recorded this with my phone the wrong way around… blame pre-wedding drinks)

Let me know what you think - it's ok, I can take it...

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