Life After Boats: What’s Your Plan?

January 13, 2015 in January 2015

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Working on boats is awesome. It really is!

People constantly tell you, “YOU’RE LIVING THE DREAM” but they don’t understand it’s not all rosy. You’re still working!

And making some pretty big sacrifices at times.

Sick of being away from friends and family for so long, not being able to attend weddings, birthdays etc?

Want to ‘settle’ but can’t handle the thought of the ‘9-5’ being stuck in one place?!

Partner had enough of long distance?

Spending all your money in your time off?

Can any other jobs offer this lifestyle? It’s ADDICTIVE earning good money to travel the world, right?!

tired deckhand

I was LOVING my life at sea and could think of nothing worse than having a ‘normal’ job again.

I had some money saved up and was ready to invest it in something so when I wanted to leave the boats, I could look to be self-sufficient.

These are just a few of the things that made me start to question what I could do next with my life after working on boats if and when that time came.

Then, out of nowhere, a family bereavement stopped me in my tracks.

There was no way I was leaving my family at this particular time BUT… WTF was I going to do for work?!

kogo stews002

I’d always joked about finding a business idea I could run from my laptop and knew that they existed, I’d just never found one that sounded authentic and I didn’t have enough knowledge in how to make it work.

It was so frustrating knowing I was a hard worker, confident I could turn my hand to most things, but after travelling for so many years, my CV would struggle to get a decent salary on land.

Losing my lovely uncle was the kick up the backside I needed to actually go out and look for that thing that would help me carry out my exit strategy.

I was forced to get a ‘normal’ job again which only served to motivate me even more to want to work for myself!


The internet seemed like the most logical place to be working in order to stay mobile and, eventually, keep travelling.

So I started looking around. What I found was a lot of scammy sounding cr*p.

Then, eventually, I found something that seemed pretty authentic. So I jumped in.

Frankly, I’ve never looked back.

In my first 12months online, I managed to make almost half my normal salary online. Not a bad start (download my 2014 earnings report HERE).

So this year, it’s all about replacing it completely and getting back more of the lifestyle you get used to when you’re able to travel the world on a whim!

HOWEVERplease be aware this is no get-rich- quick scheme. I have worked my backside off in every spare hour I’ve had around a full time job for a year. But now I’ve got the hang of it, it’s starting to take up less time. That’s the beauty of it.

Below is a video from my now mentor who can tell you a bit more about how anyone (yes, even you) can do what we’re doing.

You can also sign up for the same training I did by entering your details below the video.

Any questions, feel free to get in touch or connect on social media using the ‘Follow Me’ button on the right of this screen.

Here’s to YOUR ‘wifi life’!

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