How does a blog work?!

January 25, 2014 in January 2014, Motivation, The road so far

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How does a blog work?!

So I’m off on this blogging/internet marketing journey and feeling super pumped and enthused after the SFM Momentum Day in London last weekend. It’s all going very nicely indeed – a few leads, building a list, a few chats with said leads, starting to get some buy-in and traction.

Excellent. IT IS working.

praise the lord

But I’m now suffering a serious case of confusion and overwhelm leading to promptly falling off the blogging wagon. I thought I was pretty good at picking stuff up and was born in to a generation whereby this internet malarkey should come quite naturally?!

When I first signed up and learned that ‘blog + sharing on social media = traffic’, I thought

“simple, I can handle that”…

I had no idea that there’s there’s such an epic web of other process going on behind the scenes THAT I WOULDN’T UNDERSTAND! Ugh. Laptop has again sat quivering in fear of its life on many occasions since.


Today’s post is short (ish) and sweet in an attempt to demonstrate to others that:

1) you are not alone if you have hit this point also! If you are a big fat clever clogs and haven’t yet, you will eventually. No really, you will.

2) prove that this is no get-rich-quick scheme – which is exactly what Stuart, Jay and anyone else involved with the SFM will tell you right at the outset before you ever part with your cash to train with them. It is the real deal. Meaning it’s going to take a lot of hard work and commitment to learning what is essentially a new language to begin with!

To those of you accustomed to all things online marketing, forgive me for speaking at base level. Some of the terms I’ve stumbled over so far (that in turn have distracted me for an hour or two at a time to research their true meaning and function – hence a blogless week), are:

  • What is a BLOG (yeah, you ‘think’ you know what one is, but do you !)
  • How do you create confused-babyTRAFFIC? (not the stuff you sit in on the way to and from work)
  • Keywords and SEO
  • Automation via bookmarking (wtf?)
  • Backlinks
  • Trackbacks and Pingbacks (seriously, wtf?)

I had also already spent considerable time putting together my [very tiny] marketing budget by deciding what I can scrape together each month and hadn’t factored any of the above jungle of confusion into it. Start again. Some are one off costs but I’m slowly learning are worth their weight in gold in making sure the return on all your efforts is maximised.


Am keeping faith that the various steps are all relevant and necessary but I have a ridiculous need to understand the WHY in everything. It’s an affliction that really should only be found in 5year olds. It feels like it’s really slowing down any form of progress… and, breathe.

So, I have spent a few days in hiding and will continue to do so whilst I wrap my brain around all this jargon and confusion – not to mention focus on clarifying my ‘Blueprint’ and defining goals more specifically.

Less blogging now will lead to consistency and quality later once I ‘get’ it. All of it. In my reading so far, this is important when it comes to keeping the Google police happy… So let’s walk before we run.

If you’re not exhausted by the very thought of committing an extra 10-20hours a week at your computer or laptop on top of whatever your normal routine currently involves…


It’s incredibly rewarding.

Once again, I have the members of the SFM community to thank for letting me know this hiatus is all OK and perfectly normal. After a long and frustrating week at work, I am slowly getting back on my bloggers’ bike and trying not to give myself to much grief about it. Thank you team!

Let me know what you think - it's ok, I can take it...

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