Friends With Benefits! The Power of Masterminding

August 5, 2014 in 30day Elite Members Challenge, August 2014, Motivation

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Not ‘those’ kind of benefits – behave!

If you’ve ever read any of the top literature on wealth creation mindset, you’ll remember a common theme being that of the power of the ‘Mastermind Group’.

Napoleon Hill described this as:

“the coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony.”

Much as we all desire the ‘laptop lifestyle’, it can at times be a little isolating working online. Not only as a result of having to sacrifice social life in the initial learning stages in order to start making money as quickly as possible and turning a profit.

So it’s super important that you surround yourself with like minded people who are going to keep you on track. Especially when you’re making the move to change your life and do something that you perhaps won’t have the understanding or support from some of those closest to you – which is sadly something you need to be prepared for in this game!


The Mastermind is a principle that’s been implemented by so many in the SFM community all over the world by locally arranged groups meeting up to share ideas and strategies, support and encourage, and give each other a kick up the bum if they’re slacking! Below is a snapshot of back office showing you just a few of the locations that members have set up local monthly meet-ups in.

SFM Mastermind Groups

The best part about all this is the friends I’ve made in the process. Last night’s catch up in London for a couple of drinks with Chris and Jay was awesome. These two cheeky chaps have recently left the military and are now branching out in to their own consultancy business. We’re working in completely different markets of people and 3hours flew by bouncing ideas around on various ways we can all grow our businesses.

There’s no silly possessiveness of what’s working and keeping your tactics and strategies closely guarded. If something is working, it gets shared. Such a refreshing change from the norm where people can be utterly paranoid that if they help a colleague, they could be creating a threat.

So if you’re feeling like fear of the unknown if something is holding you back from taking a leap of faith in to starting your own business, know this… YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Not only will you have the unwavering support of a global group of coaches, mentors and like minded budding entrepreneurs from all sorts of backgrounds, you might just make some great new friends! Come join the party :)


London Mastermind (plus drinks and banter!) with Chris and Jay of

London Mastermind (plus drinks and banter!) with Chris and Jay of

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