Reflecting On My First 12Months Online

December 29, 2014 in December 2014, The road so far

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The natural thing for so many of us to be doing about now is making big fat resolutions for the next 12months.

“A new year, a new start” and all that jazz. Were you doing the same about this time 12months ago? What did you stick to?

A family bereavement gave me a bit of a wake up call in 2013, so (long story short) I decided to start my internet business in 2014.

I just decided I wanted more out of life. Because apparently it can be cut short and you don’t get a choice in it. Sorry – bit morbid!

But having spent my twenties travelling, loving life and generally feeling pretty happy, the idea of having to go back to some 9-5 desk job now that I was back in London just wasn’t good enough. I knew before I started my first job back at home that the wages weren’t going to be enough to live on and have any kind of lifestyle.


I first joined the SFM back in November 2013. To be perfectly honest, I did nothing else until the Christmas break that year when I had a few days off to work through the initial training modules. Mainly because I was in the midst of a legal process following said family bereavement – not fun and somewhat time consuming…!

EARNING WHILE YOU’RE LEARNING… part time hours too – does it get any better?!

To date, my journey making money online has been predominantly engrossing myself in a LOT of training. The beauty of this though, it that the training platform I have enrolled with, is also the ONLY product I have been promoting and working with during my time online. I thought by now I would have branched out in to promoting some other products as an affiliate but the truth is, I’ve yet to find any that are as authentic and – more importantly – as PROFITABLE, as this one.

The point of this blog is to continue to share how things are going. So I put together a report of my monthly earnings throughout this year. As you will see, this is not a ‘get rich quick’ scheme. But with a bit of hard work and commitment to learning something new, it’s something anyone can realistically achieve in a relatively small amount of time.


The report is as transparent as I can possibly be at this point in time. I’ll continue to share my results with you and any other stories of note (like making sales whilst I was out drinking and drunk celebratory dancing in the rain on the way home – there’s a blog post on here somewhere if you need a laugh…slightly embarrassed the next morning)

But really, this is about YOU.

This blog is for me to share my story but most importantly, hopefully inspire you to start yours.

Will you wait another 12months?

Wait to see how me and various others are getting along or will you get stuck in and give it a go yourself? 

Obviously, the idea of making money online is not for everyone. But the idea of working less hours for more money is what’s keeping me on track.

If you’ve still got a few lazy days off work, check out our latest video with Stuart and his plans for 2015.

In the mean time, may I wish you a happy, healthy and generally awesome 2015 – whatever you plan to do with it! :)


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