Do you feel lucky?

January 14, 2014 in January 2014, Motivation

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Do you feel lucky?

Apologies in advance but this edition is a bit of a rant. Since channeling this new mindset, I’ve become very aware of the amount of negativity I’m surrounded by in my work place. I appreciate it’s a relatively new job and I actually quite like the work itself. I still feel I have no control but my point today is that over time, the ‘woe is me’ perspective some people around me have towards their lives could really chip away at the soul!

A colleague said something recently that I felt the need to challenge for her own confidence if nothing else. They were all having their daily vent about how unfair everything is, how the people at the top of the corporate food chain don’t care about us as long as they’re making money, blah blah blah… I didn’t disagree but am not one to listen to people repeatedly whining about things they do nothing about. The conversation concluded with,

“ah, but we should all feel ‘lucky’ to have a job”… SERIOUSLY?!

Maybe just a poor choice of words. So I asked how she came to have this job? She explained her route into the company. Ah, right. I pointed out the following…

  • YOU got off your backside
  • YOU wrote your resume/CV
  • YOU took the time to search for a job
  • YOU submitted your application
  • YOU had a conversation with a recruitment agent
  • YOU attended one (possibly two) interviews
  • YOU listened to and considered (possibly negotiated) your deal and accepted the offer, then
  • YOU showed up and started working

The above is not ‘lucky’. It’s a series of planned and definite ACTIONS that you CHOSE. Give yourself some credit!

You therefore clearly have what it takes to choose to pursue something else if you so wish. Your goals will be different to mine so I can’t tell you what you can achieve. But there’s a lot more chance of achieving it by doing something about it rather than repeatedly doing the same thing, yet hoping things will change – someone once said that’s the definition of insanity…

I just wrote a review of the SFM that may interest you in terms of one option for exploring another means. I have no proof it will change my life. But I’ve certainly achieved more in the last month towards a few goals than I had prior to joining them. You’re looking at it now!

Do you feel ‘lucky’ to have your job? I thought I’d put it out there as the above – in my humble opinion – isn’t a stroke of luck. I reiterate, TAKE ACTION!

Let me know what you think - it's ok, I can take it...

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