Are You In The Race?

April 5, 2014 in April 2014, Motivation

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Today is Grand National Day.

Here in the UK, this one of the big events on the horse racing calendar. My 94year old nan loves a bit of a dabble so I’ve just been down to the betting shop to put a bet on for her. With zero knowledge of current form, I simply scanned down the list and picked the one that jumped out. ‘Vintage Star’ it is. Why? Because I like the name. Because it’s for my Nanny – the Vintage Star in my life!

A couple of things I realised in hindsight when looking around the shop as I left and walked home:

OBSERVATION: Others were deep in study at the form/stats.
RESULT: This was taking up A LOT of their time with no action.

OBSERVATION: The Grand National is a ‘steeple chase’ race – with lots of (very tall) fences to jump.
RESULT: Horse fall, jockeys fall off. Some get back up and carry on, some give up.

OBSERVATION: Horse races have favourites that people ‘assume’ will win. Others have the odds really stacked against them, just because they haven’t won before.
RESULT: Sometimes, the horse that’s never won before, does win. They call these ‘outsiders’.

My point is hopefully made a little clearer in this video. Excuse the slightly out of breath approach – walking and talking is quite a challenge it seems…

Do you feel like the course and the jumps are all a bit too much to take on? Almost every winner seems to compliment their Trainer and their Team. Do you have one?

Click HERE to be introduced to the team and training who are producing thoroughbred winners every single month! (pardon the pun but it’s true).

Happy Grand National Everyone!

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