My Timeline to Making Money Online

I’ll keep updating this page with results that you may find of interest but here are the main ones… namely the answer to the question I get a lot – “how long does it take to make money?”. I reiterate as I always do – you are starting a business. It’s a marathon, not a sprint!

** DISCLAIMER: All results vary and will be directly related to the time, effort and investment you put in to learning and implementing the training. I can help you but ultimately, it’s down to you!**

 9 MONTHS IN…(September 2014)

Having got back on track with regular, consistent hours committed to my business (crucial), I started to get some real momentum and was very excited to wake up one Monday morning to…

MY FIRST $8k PAY DAY. Read the blog here! 

Over the course of March to September, I had varying results due to the time I was able to commit around work. I changed jobs and had a huge renovation project going on at home! Not the best environment for running a business! But I also invested everything I did make back in to my business until it started sustaining itself comfortably. With a couple of high ticket sales injecting some budget in to things, I was able to upgrade to DEA Black and take advantage of the top level of coaching from leaders in the industry.

14WEEKS IN… (March 2014)


A ‘grand’ day to have an online business – read the blog here!

March first results

8WEEKS IN… (January 2014)

Had my website/blog all set up, now understood an overview of how this could really work. Mind blowing. Now to start the ‘blueprint’ and get my headspace right. Belief in the system is nothing without belief in yourself! Jay had written an entire module of training dedicated to this. To set a vision of the lifestyle you wanted to achieve from this opportunity, lay down some goals and have a plan. This was serious!

Decided to upgrade to Elite level membership in order to have more of the exclusive, live trainings with Jay and Stuart. Also meant the opportunity to earn $1000 commissions for the work I was already going to be doing with my marketing.

Attended my first event in London – Momentum Day. THESE PEOPLE ARE REAL! What a great bunch too. Instantly knew I’d made some awesome new friends. All skepticism finally laid to rest. An incredible day of inspiration, motivation and most importantly, education.



Christmas 2013: Took advantage of some days off over the Xmas break to work through all the training modules, live webinars and connected with some other members through the community to pick their brains. Still a little skeptical. Couldn’t understand how this was going to make me enough money to quit my job! But was learning a lot about this whole new world of ‘digital economy’ which was pretty fascinating.

November 2013: After stumbling across an ad a couple of months earlier and receiving a few emails, I decided to submit my application out of curiosity and joined the SFM. I got instant access to my personalised business system, initial training modules and orientation webinars (preview below). I was a little skeptical but thought I’d take the plunge and it all seemed ‘legit’ enough.

Back office set up



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