2014: The year of the ‘laptop’

December 30, 2013 in December 2013, The road so far

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2013 has been one of ‘those’ years. We all have them. But frankly, I’m not too sorry there’s only 23hours and 11minutes or so left of it!

Having returned home from a carefree few years of travelling the world and working on fancy boats, I came back to reality with a bit of a bump as a result of a somewhat sudden and unexpected family bereavement. As it happened, I was already home between boat jobs so I was able to drop everything without too much personal turmoil or disruption and stay put to be with family and help work through the aftermath.

uncle baz

Morbid stuff aside, I’d been toying for a while with the notion that it would be nice to have a home base again (otherwise known as ‘settling’ or simply ‘growing up’ – gah!) but all the while racking my brain as to how I could maintain the benefits of my international lifestyle – namely having the means means to maintain the wonderful friendships I have been blessed with from many corners of the globe. More recently, having the freedom to be where I need to be at times when it matters most.

When in port on the cruise ships, the foremost thing in any crew member’s mind was where to find free wifi! To be fair, we had plenty of time to spend in port and it’s a bit sad how much of it was spent on Facebook in the nearest bar! It occurred to me many times how great it would be to have a means of making an income whilst port hopping in such a fashion and utilising that time a little more productively!

Sadly, having not worked for almost 4months, I’ve had to settle for a ‘job’ again back in the UK. The search for a solution to the ‘laptop lifestyle‘ I had fantasised about prior to all this, had had me reading all sorts of entrepreneurial material where the word ‘job’ is in fact an acronym for ‘just over broke’. Never a truer word have I read! But it seems there are people out there who have in fact mastered such a life. I’m suddenly feeling all left out…

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It has to be said, once you start adopting such a mindset after ploughing through recommended reads, it’s pretty tough to accept the conventional route of commuting to an office, being dictated to each day as to where you must be and at what time, surviving on what little remains after each month’s deductions etc etc – ring any bells?! This is, after all, everything I was happy to leave behind back in 2006 and it felt goooood to escape the proverbial rat race. Much materialised in between, more on that later!

The sea is still calling and oh so tempting but I’ll bore you with tales of the not so glamorous side of that another time which will explain that for now, an English winter is preferable. An English winter with a home base, a laptop and a pretty impressive looking mentorship community that has thus far, inspired me enough to part with my cash and follow their lead on carving out this laptop lifestyle.

So, in short, here we are. An evolving story of re-escaping conventional life… here goes.

Let me know what you think - it's ok, I can take it...

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